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Oh Maui!

Sunset over Ka'anapali Beach from our balcony
Since I heard those magic words- We're Going to Hawaii - I knew that Maui had to be on the agenda. After all, that's where the celebrities lived! According to Life and Style, and my beloved OK Magazine, the likes of Steven Tyler, Pierce Brosnan, and Oprah (ok she owns at least a fourth of the island - it's insane), own homes out there, with many celebrities traveling to Maui for vacation. This certainly was not the motivating factor for the visit - and we actually saw more celebrities on Oahu - but rather the conjuring notion that Maui was "real untouched Hawaii." Getting to untouched Hawaii also has some travel experiences of which I was not initially aware. One being a prop plane ride to the Kapalua airport - the closest airport to Ka'anapali - the landing was interesting to say the least, but the flight only took about a half an hour - and I lived!!

This is the lobby at the Westin - how cool is that?
After much research, we decided to stay on the West side of the island on Ka'anapali Beach; as opposed to the South side of the island where the town of Wailea sits. The hotel of choice for us was the Westin Ka'anapali Resort and Spa. At a price of $375 a night before taxes, that was actually one of the cheapest hotels on this side of the island - and this was considered the rainy off season. However, we soon learned, that it was also whale season - and that brought in tour groups by the masses. Our hotel was actually at 97% capacity!! We also found out that Maui is the land of renting timeshares - so looking on RedWeek or other rental sites might be a cheaper route to go for future trips. However, as we saw that most timeshares - such as Honua Kai which looked fabulous - were a little further away, having a car would be a must, so budget accordingly. Since we flew into Kapalua - the resort provided free airport transfers - something to think about when planning your air travel.

Dinner with a view at LeiLani's
Upon check in, the hotel did not have the room we specified - so we were upgraded to an ocean view - no complaints on that. The hotel was situated in a great location. A hop, skip, and a jump to Whalers Village - which has eateries and shops; about a 10 minute walk to Black Rock - a great snorkeling spot; and of course, right on the beach. The room was a typical Westin - kind of small, and could have been anywhere in the country. The room did come with a fridge, which came in handy, but the bathroom left a lot to be desired. The property itself was very nice. Cascading waterfalls, rock formation pools, open air lobby with Koi ponds and flamingos, two restaurants - we ate at Ono , and probably the best feature of the resort was the free shuttle downtown and in between resorts. The shuttle runs every hour, and brings you to downtown Lahaina - which is where most of the luaus, ABC Stores (get your alcohol and snacks here), shopping (make sure you visit Crazy Shirt and Honolua in the Lahaina Cannery), restaurants, and boating excursions are, as well as a Hawaii mainstay Hilo Hatties

The Black Rock where you can swim with a turtle!
There are an abundance of restaurants next door at Whalers Village - while still Hawaiian prices - they are better than you will find at any of the resorts. Try Hula Grill for Aloha Hour - or Leilanis - ask to eat on the patio and there is a cheaper menu. The incredible snorkeling spot a few minutes walk away in front of the Sheraton is called Black Rock. The current is strong - so flippers are a must - but you will be in awe as you swim with a giant green turtle and countless fish. You are free to ask the turtle how old he is - ok Finding Nemo reference - but don't touch or ride the turtles - honestly people try. Also - you may think that you are a bronze God or Goddess, but believe me, the sun is strong here. We stuck with SPF 50 the entire time and still got red!

While there was plenty to do in the Ka'anapali and Lahaina area, we chose to rent a car for a day on our first full day on the island to drive upcountry Maui. There is an Enterprise rental car store at the Sheraton Maui, where an SUV is the suggested vehicle for this drive. However, make sure you return your car on time. They told us it was pro-rated if we went over - however, it's pro-rated at about $30 an hour - not cool.

Ka'anapali Beach
There is only one road to upcountry, so expect some traffic, but expect some fantastic views. You may also want to do as we did and stop at the supermarket in Lahaina to get drinks and ice for the ride. Along the way you will find stands that sell pineapple and coconuts - be prepared to pay $10 a piece - but it's a good one-time experience. Your first stop you'll find is Pali lookout - where you can see a lot of whale movement if in season. Make sure you pack your binoculars if you have them. Whales can be seen all over the island as they travel from Alaska to Maui to give birth and nurse their calves. Sometimes it's just a tail, but other times, whales are jumping straight out of the water and can be seen from the beach. There are many whale watching tours as well.

You will also find the last working sugar mill in the islands. Unfortunately, there are plans to close the mill down in the coming years. The ride is an easy ride, with a lot of lush greenery as you head up along the base of Haleakala - the islands' second largest volcano - second to Kilauea which is still active on the Big Island. Be prepared - the ride does raise in elevation. I believe the highest we got was up to 7,000 feet. The roads are steep and curvy, but nothing a slow driver can't handle. DO make sure that you print off directions as well as use your gps on your phone - a lot of the time our GPS was about to send us the wrong way - so having the backup directions was key.

Goat cheese - delicious!
Our first stop was Surfing Goat Dairy. I, for one, am a bit obsessed with Goat Cheese - or Chevre. The fact that this farm not only had cute baby goats and very scenic view, but also made over 30 types of cheese, goat cheese truffles and assorted soaps - well that just made me giddy. I was smiling the entire time. If you go - make sure you get a chevre sampler - for $16 - it comes with 6 types of cheese and crackers - YUMMMMM!!! From there - we made a quick stop at the Church of the Holy Ghost. It is on the national registry of places in Hawaii. The building is ornate and seeing how the Hawaiians tend to the cemeteries - was particularly thought invoking. A few miles away, and a few thousand feet up in elevation - yes, thousand, is Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm. It is on the slopes of Haleakala - which means it can get quite cool - so pack a sweater, and bring food if you are there around lunch time - there isn't much to snack on there. The farm does offer tours at certain times, but we did not make it in time to join one. However, you only need your feet and a camera to see this place. It's quite tranquil to literally stop and smell their many varieties of lavender - and tropical flowers. They also have a shop - where you guessed it - you can buy everything with lavender in it - I must admit that we did a bit of damage here due to my affinity for the scent. 

What a view from the lavender farm!
Driving to our next location, we unexpectedly ended up in the small town of Kula. There you will find Grandma's Coffee - make sure you get some goodies there. The Sour Cream Banana Bread was amazing as was the chocolate covered macadamia bar - yumm. We also unexpectedly passed Sun Yat-Sen Park - worth a stroll through as you eat your banana bread and stretch your legs. The last, and most important part of our drive - was to reach Tedeschi Winery. I had heard rumblings about this winery from many sources. Pineapple wine? I am so in. After some research, we found that there isn't an actual address to get to the winery. You have to look for Ulupalakua Ranch and then it's across the street. Stop at the ranch first - they have the best Maui beef sandwiches - free range beef and oh so delicious with Maui onion on top. The grill is only open until 2:30 - so make sure you get there on time. 

Now the winery wasn't really like any other winery I have been to and I have been to a lot. For starters you are only allowed to try three wine samples - but it's free. You also can not have wine by the glass or open a bottle on the property - Hawaii is very tight on drinking in public places including all beaches. Do make sure that you buy a bottle of Hula O'Maui Sparkling Pineapple Wine- it is amazing. As is Maui Splash. I would have bought more, but we couldn't fit it in our suitcases, and they don't deliver to Connecticut. However, I found a store in California:,  that will deliver them - I have yet to try.

The backside of Haleakala on an unusually clear day.
We had plans to end our trip to upcountry by taking in the sunset from 10,000 feet at the Haleakala summit. Mother nature had other plans - high wind advisories and low lying clouds and fog weren't going to let it happen.She also didn't want to secure a good sunrise the next day - with high wind advisories for winds over 50 mph - we decided to forgo the six hour in total trip - instead exploring the town of Kapalua. If the weather is going to be clear - go up to the mountain for sunrise! You'll have to leave your hotel around 3 a.m. and dress very very warm - but the result is worth it! Even if you can't get to the summit - drive around the base of the volcano. You'll see varying climates and agriculture - with soil that closely resembles that of Mars.

Brunch with a view at the Plantation House.
Kapalua is home to some seriously beautiful golf courses. Thanks to some Trip Advisor suggestions on our smartphones, we ended up at a beautiful brunch spot, the Plantation House, at the Plantation Golf Course. We found out later, that this is the course where the PGA kicks off each year. The breakfast was as wonderful as the view. Make sure you try the guava mimosa. In the Kapalua area, there are also a few bays that are great for snorkeling - only in the off winter seasons - Honolua and Kapalua Bay - they also apparently are home to some reef sharks. Along this coastline, there is also Peahi Beach - which we could not find - where the infamous JAWS Waves happen during the winter.The days that we were there, there were no JAWS sightings, which would appear on every news program, dedicated web site and radio program in the area. Check that out here: Although we didn't stop - the Maui Brewing Company is also in Kapalua. You can sample a lot of their great beer at local establishments - some even have their own brew for the restaurant. 

Their hip shaking was impressive!
Unlike our stay on Oahu, a few organized tours and activities were planned for Maui. I was even more excited about these activity choices when a cast member at Aulani in Oahu, who had lived in Lahaina, gave us a list of 10 things to do in Maui and we have nine of them on our list. He was, as it turned out, an ex-dancer at the Old Lahaina Luau - one of our first activities. It felt ultra cool to walk into the luau and tell the staff - that were all in traditional dress - that their buddy said hi from the other island - I felt it gave us some "street cred" - ok or maybe just a quicker delivery of our drinks. As you enter the luau, you are greeted with the traditional lei and a strong Mai Tai - I liked it already. Since the show does not start until dark, you have plenty of time to watch the sunset on the beach, have professional photos taken, shop for native crafts, watch the pig unearthing, hit the bar for unlimited drinks or as I did - find a woman who was on your Disneyworld bus to your Disney hotel back in October - believe it people - I found her - it was insane. The show was incredible - very authentic Hawaiian - so if you want fire dancers, which is Samoan - you will have to watch that from your balcony at the Westin for their luau show. The food was very good - however, I am not much of a meat and poi person - but the Ahi Poke was incredible!! The drinks kept flowing and it was a great time, however, just know that you will be seated with random - probably much much older than you - individuals - it does make for some good laughs after the fact.
The view from the water is worth price of admission.

The next night, we took a break from the dancing and pork eating, and jumped on a sunset cruise with Trilogy Sailing. The catamaran left from in front of the Ka'anapali Beach Hotel - a three minute walk from our hotel - and cruised for about two hours. FYI: make sure you wear shorts or a dress, and shoes that can be easily removed - this boat has a beach boarding so you will be taking off your shoes for the whole ride and walking in thigh-high water. The sail included heavy appetizers (if you like tuna and vegetarian options - they have you covered) and two drinks per person - which wasn't too filling, but the view of the sunset from the water was worth price of admission - $62 a person. The tranquil island music and bob of the waves is enough to relax anyone.  Since it was whale season - we also were able to get close to the whales and hear their calls by use of a hydrophone. Trilogy Sails also has day sails and snorkeling trips - and are rated highly on TripAdvisor - so check them out.

Untouched Hawaii - one of the appeals of the Road to Hana.
Our final day in Maui - we took on the much anticipated Road to Hana. My boyfriend and I went back and forth on this ride for a few months. Did we want to brave the road with 637 turns - that is also nicknamed Divorce Highway - by ourselves, or did we want to take a tour and sit back and relax? In the end, we decided to opt for the tour. Valley Isle Excursions was the tour that fit all our needs. Now, the tour is not cheap - at $132 a person; however, it does include breakfast and lunch, beverages, and all entrance fees to parks etc. The fact that we did not have to navigate the turns and back road of Hana by ourselves made it worth it - oh yeah - it's also the only tour that was 12 hours long and stopped at the winery, again. 
The road on the backside of the highway - why I didn't want to drive.

The tour only holds 12 passengers, so you get individual attention from the tour guide,(who also was kind enough to point out where celebrities lived and land that Oprah had purchased - this got me very excited!) who will stop at as many roadside stops as he can in addition to the 13 scheduled stops at places such as: Hana's Black Beach at Waianapanapa State Park, the seven sacred pools of Oheo Gulch at Haleakala State Park, Charles Lindbergh's grave, Tedeschi Winery, and a botanical flower garden. Unfortunately, due to rain, the seven sacred pools was closed to swimming that day, as were most beaches - however, the pay off was that all the waterfalls were flowing like a fury - which was very enjoyable. The untouched beauty of this side of the island was unparalleled - however, it is a very long day and toward the end we were a little slap happy - but I'm glad we experienced it once.
Where on earth can you see a sunset like this?

I must say, that upon leaving Maui, I was a bit sad. I felt that this island was a bit more in touch with their Hawaiian culture and tried to stay true to that. It is the second biggest island to the Big Island, and some parts are  not even developed yet; for instance, there is one side of the island with no electricity or running water, so people live off generators and rain basins. Seeing whales every day, and turtles, as corny as it sounds, makes you feel in touch with the living sea. The scent of tropical flowers lingers everywhere you go - especially at night - and the sunsets are out of this world. That being said, I would love to see some of the commercialization of the area calm down - as there is nothing like ruining paradise with a KFC on the corner near a pineapple stand. Still, Maui remains in my heart as a true Hawaiian experience that I can't wait to relive.

Recap - Top Ten Things to Do in Maui
Drive Upcountry
Snorkel Black Rock
Visit Haleakala - but check the weather first
Visit Pali Lookout
Old Lahaina Luau
Road to Hana
Tedeschi Winery
Lavender Farm
Sunset Cruise

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Renting Disney Vacation Club Points - The Way to Get Back to Aulani

After being home for about a week now, I already dream of going back to Hawaii as soon as possible. Seeing as though Aulani came with a steep price tag, I was convinced that this would be a once in a lifetime stay.

I decided to do a bit of research before I gave up entirely. I checked my old and faithful timeshare rental site - RedWeek. Now since Aulani's second phase is not complete yet - which holds a vast majority of DVC properties - and the fact that Aulani did have a few hiccups with being able to sell timeshares at Aulani, the selection on RedWeek was one to none. The only one that I happened to find was about $550 a night - not exactly the money saving option that I was hoping for.

Renting DVC Points can get me back to Stitch in no time!
Then I remembered something from a book that I had read - "The Dark Side of Disney," by Leonard Kinsey (the cover art is deceiving - it's not vile, I promise). There is an unknown world of renting Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points from timeshare owners whose points are about to expire. Great, I thought, but it seemed a bit risky.

I had in fact bombarded a nice couple from Michigan about this very concept in the soaking relaxation tub at the Laniwai spa at Aulani - I know I think my boyfriend was cringing when I started to talk about the "backstage of Disney traveling," while our fingers pruned. They  said they rented points for their stay at Aulani through a renter who only deals with them and their daughter's family. They had nothing but positive experiences with this renter, but he wasn't in the business of accepting me as a client. So, there went any lead I had.

They said that they were able to get a one bedroom rental, with full kitchen, for about $195 a night...ok now my ears perked up.  That was less than half of the rate that we had found. Were they DVC members themselves, I asked? Nope - just really smart vacationers who used this practice at Disneyworld and now in Hawaii, and told us that frankly, they wouldn't vacation any other way.

So, the search began with the words: DVC, Renting Points. There were a few rogue discussion threads through Disboards (a Disney vacation blog) and a site called David's Vacation Club Rentals. This site looked promising. It was very professionally done and outlined all the information one would need - including a must have according to my book - a renter's agreement. David of the site is the middleman with owners who are willing to rent their points. A middle man will raise the cost per point a bit - apparently about $4 a point - which is how the rooms are based. 

For example: on this site one point is $13; you then use the point calculator on the site with where you want to stay, when, and how long ,and it will give you a point value at different resorts for that time. Rentals for deluxe resorts (think Contemporary, Boardwalk, etc.) at Disneyworld for a week started as low as 44 points for the week!!! And this is a vacation rental with multiple beds, full kitchen and washer and dryer!! So for  $572 before tax, you can stay at a deluxe resort, which usually runs anywhere from $350-600 a night. Not bad huh?

There is a caveat that this does not include maid service. Only trash and towel service if you are staying four nights or more. But if you really need to have your room cleaned, you can pay a per diem.

I looked up Aulani for a week and found that we could go again for literally less than half of our previous stay. Hope had once again been restored.

I have yet to use this site to book any Disney stays - but will be reporting on the process once I am able to do so. The best thing about it is that you can use your Paypal account for deposits and final transactions. Paypal's guarantee will all but 100% ensure you that you won't be paying for services you did not receive and your information will not be circulated among vendors.

If anyone has used this site or others like it to rent points, let me know your feedback. At the very least, it's enough to keep my Aulani dream alive!

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Aulani - “the place that speaks for the great ones"

The lobby of Aulani whisks you away on vacation.

For my first trip to Hawaii, I researched as if  I
were preparing my PHD dissertation. I read every book I could get my hands on, and tripadvisor became my new best friend.The chosen hotel, Aulani, Disney’s first venture into Hawaii, which opened in August 2011, exceeded my expectations threefold.

Leaving snowy Boston in the middle of February was a welcome departure,  especially since it was my 30th birthday – what better place to forget about turning “old?” After one layover and 11.5 hours of flying, I was in Honolulu with my boyfriend – who had orchestrated the trip – what a guy!

From the Honolulu airport we had arranged to take a shuttle called Speedi Shuttle. You  also can arrange to have a lei greeting with your pickup. For two passengers for a round-trip ride to Ko Olina – where Aulani is located - in a Mercedes van, is about $120. The ride was comfortable and took about 30 minutes with one stop to drop off other passengers. Our shuttle driver was knowledgeable about the area, offering suggestions for sightseeing and restaurants – and above all made us feel welcome in Hawaii.

Aulani has many water features and incredible architecture
The ride to Aulani isn’t all that scenic, until you get past Kapoeli – the next town over; which by the way is being built up as a result of Disney, with Costco, Target, and other shopping areas. Once you turn into Ko Olina – a somewhat gated area, the first thing you see are the canoe shaped towers of Aulani, along with dense Hawaiian foliage and tranquil waterfall formations. For us, we were also greeted by tiki torches everywhere, creating a warm inviting glow. As soon as we arrived to the entrance, I knew that we made the right choice

Greeted with Koa Nut necklaces and lemon water, we walked through the open air lobby – which in itself was a site to behold. Flanked with indigenous colorful paintings, local wood carved meticulously, and the sounds of original recordings by Hawaiian artist Keali’I Reichel, I immediately felt like I was on a Hawaiian vacation that I would never forget.

Check in was painless and quick – we stayed for 5 days, 4 nights. They do have charging privileges that you can put on your room key – very similar to your Key to the World Card at Disneyworld. We were also handed a copy of the day’s EWA – which is a listing of all the activities they have for the day. Let me tell you – you could spend weeks here and not be able to participate in all the activities, which are conveniently broken down in terms of audience – i.e. adults, ohana (family), teens, or keiki (kids).
The view from our standard view room was incredible.

Our room was a standard view room on the 10th floor, which came with a price tag of $459 a night before taxes, a bit steep. It was clean, spacious and had all the touches you would expect of a Disney five star resort. The bed was comfortable, the shower had a rain head and a deep enough tub for soaking, and the room comes equip with a coffee maker and fridge. The view of the mountains was fabulous, and every room does come with a balcony – a wonderful place to sit in your Aulani robe and have coffee every   morning. 

Jetlagged and weary, we headed for my birthday dinner at AMA AMA – one of the two restaurants on the property. Please note that this reservation was made MONTHS in advance. As any frequent Disney visitor will tell you, the 180 day reservation policy is there for a reason – you can easily make reservations on Aulani’s web site, where there is also a place to enter if you are celebrating anything on the trip – code word: FREE DESSERT! We saw countless people get turned away and become quite angry when told that there were no reservations available during their stay – and the resort was only about 30% full!!! Imagine this resort when the second phase is open in 2013.  Anyhow, on your reservation you can request to sit in table with a view – which is precisely what we did – however most of the open air restaurant does have a view of the Ko Olina lagoon.

Pineapple cosmo at AMA AMA - great view!
With drink prices topping in at about $14 for a pineapple cosmo, we each had one delicious drink before ordering. I ordered a selection of appetizers – Hawaiian Apple Banana and Maui Onion Soup Au Gratin $12– EXCELLENT, Kalua Pig Rillettes with Manchego Cheese Croquettes, Serrano Ham, and Romesco Sauce EXCELLENT – but tiny tiny for $16, and Hamakua Mushroom Tart with Baby Arugula, Coriander Crème Fraîche, and Parmesan, $16 – Good. My boyfriend ordered the Salt Crusted Fish of the Day – very good, but for the price, you could have a filet of beef and be much more satisfied. The service was quick, but lacked personality. Although they did send me a small birthday dessert, a cake that was ordered for the occasion was not delivered – we did receive it on check out upon asking – but this was a small upset on the trip. Above all – this restaurant is ok, the atmosphere trumps anything else, however, for the price, the food was not anything that special. We did go back for breakfast – which was a much better idea.
Minnie Mouse making the rounds at Makahiki.

Every Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, Makahiki – Aulani’s other restaurant – holds a Character Buffet Breakfast. Again, book this way in advance – we saw parents fighting the hostess for a seat – no lie. For $32 an adult or $18 for kids 9 and under, you are treated to bountiful buffet – you need to try the guava fan pastries and the POG (passion, orange, guava) juice – and familiar Disney friends Goofy, Mickey and Minnie. Auntie, who is a Hawaiian Grandmother figure, is also prominent at the breakfast, playing songs with her ukulele and encouraging young ones to participate in games and dances. I must say, that the entire resort evokes a curiosity of learning more about Hawaiian language and culture. This breakfast teaches patrons Hawaiian words, and the servers are more than happy to explain local birds and foliage that you see.  The buffet was great and we even returned for a buffet dinner on  Valentine’s Day - outstanding. Also a bonus - Photo Pass is available all throughout the resort - capturing those magic moments with Disney characters.

Daily fish feedings at the Rainbow Reef are colorful and exciting.
Our first full day we spent by Aulani’s  “waterpark” Waikolohe Valley, which overlooks the ocean. With our refillable mugs in hand – yes get them; they are $18.99 and well worth it as you can fill them up countless times by the pool and in the gift shop – we secured comfy lounge chairs near the Rainbow Reef. The Rainbow Reef is Aulani’s on-site snorkeling reef. You don’t have to snorkel to see the fish as there are viewing windows with seating available. Fish are fed twice a day – another activity that can be found in the EWA.

Aulani's double decker infinity hot tub - who couldn't relax here?

The pool area was top notch – a lazy river with surprises along the way, two water slides, a volcano in the middle with subtly carved Hawaiian animal life and smoke eruptions, two infinity hot tubs, two regular hot tubs, a zero entry pool, and a Menehue water activity area for kids. Even with so much going on around us, the pool area still proved to be tranquil. Hawaiian music piped through the area, and watching the lagoon area from the pool deck was especially nice. While the pool wasn’t too crazy with noise or children, there is a quiet adult pool option as well. However, there is not a quiet adult hot tub – something that could be used seeing as though we saw many three year olds in floaties using the hot tub as their own personal bathtub – something common in Disneyworld as well. One time it was so overcrowded with toddlers that I shouted that I saw Mickey Mouse to weed them out!! I love kids, but sometimes I need to relax in the hot tub!

Looking upon Ko Olina Lagoon from the pool area.
Out around the pool area there are a few dining and drink options that help you stay hydrated and well fed: One Paddle Two Paddle, The Shaved Ice Cart (only $3.75 and well worth it), the Lava Shack (where you can get sundries, such as the infamous Mickey Dove Bar,  apparently plate lunches – I didn’t see this at all - and beach merchandise – and fill your mug), Off the Hook, and Rip Swirl – a yogurt shop that is located in the Teen Spa Area Painted Sky – can be tough to find! The food was ok – typical Disney park style food with a Hawaiian spin. The lettuce wraps were really great as were the fish tacos. The pork sandwich was a big disappointment. Rip Swirl did have pineapple yogurt, however, Pineapple Dole Whip would be key here – they have it at the Polynesian, why not at Aulani which is mere miles away from the actual Dole Plantation?? This is one area that Disney could improve, along with making the yogurt shop more prevalent on the property. 

This secluded beach has a big payoff - a quiet view.
Now, to get onto the beach area and back in, you will need your room key. However, since the beach is public as is mostly every beach in Hawaii, you might find it a little crowded. Do take the time to swim in the lagoon – we snorkeled in there and since the area is protected, it was a nice and calm swim. There weren’t too many fish, but it was still worth it. We brought our own snorkel gear and water shoes, which came in handy since the area is a bit rocky. You can also rent snorkel sets for the day from the beach side stand. There is also no barrier in place to prevent non guests from coming into the resort if the gate is left open or if someone follows in a guest. This could be an area of improvement for Aulani. Do take a walk around the area though – especially past the JW Marriott and onto the beach path.  Also – beware, there is a timeshare person in front of the JW Marriott that will rope you in with his promise of coupons for dinner – keep on walking. You’ll see lava rock and some pretty incredible vistas. Guests that we saw said that a turtle had been coming to that beach area to lay her eggs – we did not see her, but it felt about right. 

There are a few other eatery choices at the surrounding hotels, however we did not go to any of them. We decided to take a walk down to the Ko Olina center in the afternoon – about a 10 minute walk from Aulani. While there are not many stores there now, I assume this will change soon. There was a Hawaiian BBQ place, Mexican restaurant, ABC Store (convenience, grocery, souvenir, liquor store) and an ice cream shop. We had dinner at the BBQ place; it was plate lunch style and about $15 a person – a nice change from the markups at Aulani. They also have a full breakfast menu. Additionally, if you call the concierge, they will tell you that Papa Johns and Pizza Hut deliver to Aulani – good option for a low cost dinner one of the days that you are there.

More views of the pool area - zero entry!
The view of Aulani from the beach area.
Upon the advice of previous visitors on blog sites, we went to the ABC store for our liquor, breakfast items for the room and snacks – remember – you do have a fridge in your room and housekeeping will bring you bowls and silverware. A bottle of Mai Tai mix with alcohol in it already was about $11 – less than the price of one drink by the pool.  Be prepared for a little sticker shock – a box of cereal was about $7, a half gallon of milk $5, and Triscuits for about $5. Carrying this stuff back up the hill was a little bit of a challenge.  Since there is a free intra resort shuttle in Ko Olina, I was hoping that they had a pick up at the store – no such luck. This would be a great service for Aulani to provide if they do not carry a full grocery outfit on property – especially with over half of the resort pegged for DVC members. We did not rent a car, and did not find ourselves needing it at any point since there was so much to do at the resort. Disney is beginning to add excursions in the area, one of which is a shuttle to Waikiki – but if you do need a rental car, you can rent one at the resort itself for the day. Local attractions, such as the Paradise Cove Luau, will provide free transport from the hotel.

Beautiful view of the resort at sunrise.
We were lucky enough to visit Aulani’s Laniwai spa while visiting. At first we were just going to get a day pass for $45 to enjoy the outdoor aromatherapy gardens and relaxation rooms. However, in the spirit of we’re on vacation, we were able to book a Honi Honi couples massage the day prior. For $300, it was probably the best money we spent on the vacation. The relaxation area was one of the best I have ever seen. You start off your journey with a custom made scrub, which you can use after your treatment, or even later in your room. Once you are situated in your bathing suit and robe, you head out to a co-ed soaking tub, experience shower, reflexology stone path and relaxation area outside. The baths, which are said to detoxify and ease aches and pains, are nestled in between tall shaded trees and luxurious landscaping – something Aulani has done well throughout the entire resort.  The experience showers were amazing – very warm water and different variations of pressure and shower heads. There is also a cold dip pool – FREEZING and a regular hot tub. The lounge chairs are comfortable and the attendants are frequently bringing cold towels and cucumber water for guests. The massage was the best massage that I have ever had. A combination of a deep tissue massage and what seemed like a Thai Massage with some light stretching, it was excellent. They also used all organic products, such as the Hawaiian flower flavored body butter the therapists used for our massage instead of oils. 

We were allowed to stay and relax for hours after the treatment, and had full use of their showers and amenities before it was time to leave. One thing I would highly recommend for the spa that was lacking – however small – was a hook on the inside of the shower to hang your robe and towel. I had to place mine outside the door on the floor – opening up to the entire restroom. 

The Starlit Hui was great fun. Get there early!
Even if you do not wish to use the spa, there are still a ton of activities to take part in during the day and evening. There is an interactive Menehue trail  (mysterious creatures that cause mischief), a stingray activity center, guided walking tours of the art and architecture of the resort, nature walks, fitness classes, fire pit storytelling and plenty for kids to do at Aunty’s Beach house. One of my favorite activities was the Starlit Hui. It’s a free show, that showcases Hawaiian culture – including hula, as well as Disney characters. It is only held on select nights, so you’ll want to find out what night they are performing it when you check in. You’ll want to get to this show at least a half an hour before it begins to get a good seat – they are on mats on the floor, so dress appropriately.

Breakfast at AMA AMA did not disappoint.
Currently, there is only one full souvenir store at the resort They have a lot of products from Disneyland along with some Aulani themed merchandise. In my opinion, there needs to be a lot more selection. As any Disney enthusiast will tell you, buying Disney merchandise is one of the highlights of the trip. Buying stuff that fits in the suitcase is also imperative! We made sure to visit the store the day we left (after 5 days of stalking the store and scouting out what we might want to buy), after a having wonderful breakfast at AMA AMA. It was practically empty and the food was wonderful!! We shared a Hawaiian pastry basket – with those lovely Guava Fans - $8, a 100% Kona coffee press pot - $9.50, POG juice, Chocolate Milk-dipped Haupia Bread French Toast - stuffed with Bananas and Peanut Butter- $15.00, and Belgian Waffle with Pineapple Chutney and Coconut Syrup - $13. It was wonderful- however, our server lacked that certain “Aloha” that we had become accustomed to during our stay. Maybe it was because she was from the Mainland?

Although check out was at 11, and we weren’t leaving until 12:30 with our trusty Speedi Shuttle, we were able to check our bags with the bell desk and lounge around in the spacious areas of the resort, enjoying ice cream and one last look upon the vista.
A nice place to sit and reflect - the lanai.

As I was sitting there, a woman who had just arrived and was taking in the view, stopped me to ask a simple question. “Do you have kids?” she asked. “Do you need to have kids to be here or is this a great place for adults?”

A taste of Disney on the lanai.
I immediately replied that no we did not have kids, and frankly that this was the best resort and resort experience we have ever had with Disney or with any other brand. It is definitely upscale and built with adults and families in mind.

One last piece of advice – if you are visiting other islands or hotels, go to Aulani last. We continued our stay at two more luxurious upscale resorts, that are toted worldwide….nothing compared – leaving us to miss the magic of Aulani before ever returning to the mainland.